Yarn Bombing Day 2012: Butterflies in the Park

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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Yarn Bombing Day 2012

First time that I heard about yarn bombing is when I read my favorite crochet blog called "One Sheepish Girl" by Meredith.  I was so curious when I first heard about this term. Therefore, I did a little digging at Meredith's blog to find out more about yarn bombing. Yarn bombing is when you create something from yarn and attach or display it at public places.  It is such a fun and exciting activity. It is not surprising that there is actually a Yarn Bombing Day which is 29th of September.
I actually did my first yarn bombing on the last Saturday which was yarn bombing day of this year. I decided to do yarn bombing this year after reading Meredith's blog post inviting her readers to do the yarn bombing and post the picture on instagram tagging #sheepishyarnbomb.
The fun part was when I tried to come up with something creative to display at in public places. It took me a while to come up with some ideas. Then I saw my tutorial for crochet butterflies earrings and I knew...this was the one. Finally, I decided to adapt my crochet butterflies earring to be butterflies in the park. The exciting part was when I tied my crochet butterflies to the tree  in the park near my apartment. It took me a while to find the right tree for my crochet butterflies.
Today I was thrill to see my yarn bombing picture appears on Meredith group post in One Sheepish Girl. This actually made my day!

Yarn Bombing Day 2012

Yarn Bombing Day 2012

Cooking Journey: Healthy Thai Red Curry

Re-post from my Tumblr blog

Healthy Thai Red Curry

Thai red curry is a very common dish in Thai cuisine throughout the world. However, it is not very heathy in terms of the high cholesterol from the coconut milk which is one of the main ingredients. Therefore, I use coconut milk substitution for this recipe. Luckily, nowadays, there are several brands of  offer products made for substituting coconut milk. I also use chinese cabbage which is not normally found in traditional Thai red curry. Chinese cabbage goes very will with  the red curry sauce as it can absorb the creamy and tasty sauce. So,  every bite that you eat the chinese cabbage from this curry you will fully taste the spicy creamy sauce. Even my friend who does notlike vegetables very much loves this dish. Moreover, I use soft tofu in this recipe as well even though pork is the main meaty ingredients of this recipe. I just love tofu  so I can't help adding it to this recipe. Let's imagine the soft tofy texture together with the spicy and aromatic red curry sauce melting away in your mouth! Yummy!!!

Healthy Thai Red Curry
Cereal Cream

100 g pork loin
100 g soft tofu
150 g Chinese cabbage
1 tomato
200 ml cereal cream
3 shallots
3 cloves gralic
2 tbs rice bran oil
2 tbs Thai red curry paste
2 teaspoons fish sauce  (optional)  You can also use salt instead.
Where to buy:
  • Thai red curry paste and fish sauce can find widely  in asian sections of many supermarkets around the world. These two are common ingredients in Thai cuisine.
  • Cereal cream might be hard to come by if you live outside Thailand. However, you can use soy milk instead.  Soy milk is a great healthy substitution for coconut milk as well.
  1. Chop all garlics and slice all shallots. Dice the pork loin into 21-2 cm cubes. Cut the tomato into wedges. Cut the Chinese cabbage into bite size.
  2. Heat the rice bran oil in the sauce pan with medium heat. Add the garlic and the red curry paste. Stir the garlic and the red curry past for about 30 seconds, add the pork loin. Stir until the pork is cooked. Add all the cereal cream and do not stir until the cream start bubbling.
  3. When the cream start bubbling, add the tomato wedges and the Chinese cabbage to the curry. Stir occasionally.
  4. Bring the curry to boil again. Add all tofu to the curry. Gently stir tofu into the curry. It should not take long for tofu to cook. 
  5. The Thai red curry paste is usually salty. But You can add fish sauce if you want the curry to be saltier.
  6. Serve in a bowl next to the rice plate or pour the curry on top of rice. Any way you like!

Healthy Thai Red Curry

Vegetarian Option
To turn this into vegetarian recipe is super easy. Just switch from pork loin to any mushroom you like. Or you can use just the tofu.  Or you can add any other kinds of tofu to this recipe. Let me know which combination of mushroom and tofu you like for this curry.
Have Fun cooking!

Floretta Vest: How to Wear

Ways to wear Floretta Vest

I think it is time to properly introduce you to our signature piece of Floretta shop. Floretta Vest is a very special piece as it is so versatile. There are so many ways to wear it as you can see from these pictures. You can even wear it as a scarf. How cool is that! Floretta vests come in many prints.
You can create many looks with this vest. Are you having an afternoon tea with friends or having a picnic in the park? You can wear this piece to spice up your look. Going to the beach…how about wearing it on top of your swim suit…what do you think?

Floretta Vest Colorful Flora Paisley

Guest Post: Tutorial for Crochet Butterflies Earrings

Monday, October 29, 2012

Re-post from my Tumblr-Blog: 

DIY Love: Crochet Butterflies Earrings

Last month when I went shopping for yarns, I fell in love with all the pastel colors of mercerized cotton yarn that I found at the yarn shop in my neighborhood. It was very hard to stop myself from buying all they colors they have. I bought some colors that I thought go well together. One month later, I still have not started to do anything with my new yarn. Hm...

Mercerized Cotton Yarn

One month later, I had a great opportunity to do a guest post at Kitty & Buck so I  thought it was a great opportunity to use my cute new yarn. Finally, I can play with my new yarn with a purpose.  I would like to create something cute and easy so it would be a fun post for Kitty & Buck's readers. After hours of trial and errors, butterflies earrings were created!
If you would like to give it a try,  you can visit the post here for full instructions. Happy crafting!

DIY Love: Crochet Butterflies Earrings

Tutorial: Crochet Coaster with Scallop Edge

Re-post from my Tumblr blog:

DIY Love: Crochet Coaster with Scallop Corners

This is the second crochet tutorial of my blog. I am still having fun with my colorful mercerized cotton yarn that I bought last month. After the butterflies earring project, I think I should create something that I can use around the house (so I can show off my creation to my guests..) . However, I have only 2 hours which is my son’s nap time.  This is what I came up with - a square crochet coaster with scallop corners. This time I still use the cantaloupe orange yarn similar to the one I used in Butterflies earrings project and I paired it with this cute lime green. I think I will call this combination a cantaloupe  combo. What do you think?
Below is the tutorial for this scallop corner coaster.  This is a great project for beginners to practice all the basic stitches.
Stitches used
  • single crochet
  • double crochet
  • triple crochet
Have fun crochet !!!!

DIY Love: Tutorial

You will need
Crochet hook 1.3 mm
Mercerized Cotton yarn No.20 (2 colors: 1 skein each)

DIY: Crochet Coaster

Step 1: Use the 1st color to chain 25 (Row 1 / foundation row)
Step 2:  Row 2
  • 2.1 Chain 3. 
  • 2.2 Make 2 double crochet in the 5th chain from the hook. (Now you will see that you have a “V”.
  • 2.3 Skip 1 chain. Then make 2 double in the next chain.
  • 2.4 Repeat step 2.3 across until the last 2 chains.
  • 2.5 Skip 1 chain and make 1 double crochet in the last chain of the row.  

DIY: Crochet Coaster

Step 3: Row 3
  • 3.1 Chain 3 (count as 1 double crochet).
  • 3.2 Make 2 double crochet between the next 2 double crochet group (inside the “V”).
  • 3.3 Repeat step 3.2 across the row. Make 1 double crochet in the last chain.
  • 3.4 Turn to start the next row.
Step 4: Repeat Step 3 to make 13 more rows. (The finished square will be the total of 1 foundation row and 15 rows.

Square Coaster

Step 5: Now we are going to change the color of the yarn in order to make the edge in another color. Before finishing the last stitch of the last row, yarn over the second color and pull through the remaining 2 loops on hook.


Now it is time to start making the fun edge for this coaster. Turn the crochet piece and continue with step 6.
Step 6: Make 1 single crochet between the “V” (not inside the “v” as in step 3.2) alternate with 2 single crochet for all the way around the edge.

DIY Love: Crochet Coaster Tutorial

Step 7:
7.1 Make 1 single crochet, 1 double crochet, 1 triple crochet, 1 double crochet and 1 single crochet  into the space underneath the 2 chains from the previous row ( all 5 stitches in the same space).
7.2 Make 2 single crochet into the space underneath the next 2 chains from the previous row ( all 5 stitches in the same space).  Repeat this pattern across this side until you reach the space underneath the last 2 chains from the previous row.

DIY Love: Crochet Coaster Tutorial

Corners : Repeat step 7.1 for all the space underneath the last, the corner and the first 2 chains from the previous row. This step will create the scallop corners as shown in the pictures.  
4 Sides : Repeat step 7.2 for all 4 sides.

DIY Love: Crochet Coaster with Scallop Corners

DIY Love: Crochet Coaster with Scallop Corners

Now you can bind off and weave in your ends.

Cooking Journey: Stir-Fried Pumpkin Recipe

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Re-post from my Tumblr blog

Cooking Journey: Stir-Fried Pumpkin Recipe

Halloween is coming. So I though I should cook something halloween related. Of course, the item of the halloween is pumpkin. Let’s cook something using pumpkin. I have pumpkin in my house all the time because my son loves pumpkin so I usually add pumpkin to many recipe for my son.
Let’s cook something that everyone in the family can enjoy! My family’s favorite recipe, stir-fried pumpkin. My little sister loves this dish. She has to have this dish every time she goes to visit our home in Chiangmai. Here is our recipe.
  • 500 g Pumpkin
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 tbs soy sauce
  • 1 tbs oyster sauce (optional)
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 tbs rice bran oil
  1. Use a spoon to scoop out all the seeds. Peel and cut the pumpkin into small pieces (approx. 2 x 2 cm).
  2. Chop all garlics.
  3. Heat the rice bran oil in the pan with medium heat.
  4. Add all chop garlic into the heated oil.
  5. When the garlics starting to become translucent, add the pumpkin to the pan. Turn the heat up and stir the pumpkin and the garlic together.
  6. When the pumpkin start to soften, add the egg, soy sauce and oyster sauce. Stir everything together.
  7. When the egg is fully cooked, serve with rice right away.
Buying Pumpkin
The pumpkin that is suitable for making this dish has to be ripe. The pumpkin I use for this recipe is Thai pumpkin. Sometimes I use japanese pumpkin as well. You can try using the pumpkin that you find at your local store. Butternut Squash is a fantastic idea. I think it will be delicious as well. It is usually fun to experiment with something new, don’t you think so?
Vegetarian Option
If you do not add the oyster sauce, this stir-fried pumpkin is actually a vegetarian dish.
Kids Menu
If you want to cook this for your toddler so you want to be cautious about the sodium in the soy sauce, you can use salt instead of soy sauce.

Cooking Journey: Stir-Fried Pumpkin Recipe

My List: Wedding Photo Booth

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My List Header 

 A lot of my friends are getting married this year. Some of them asked me for advise on planning the wedding since I used to work in the wedding planner industry. Some of them also asked me whether I have any fun ideas to to brighten up the wedding receptions.  I told them that having a photo booth or backdrop plus fun props would be a great ideas. That's why I started finding fun props for photo booth at my friends' wedding. There are surprisingly more fun props available than several years ago. I can't wait to present my findings to all my brides and grooms to be!!!

Props for wedding photo booth

This is the set for the bride and the groom for fun photo booth shooting! I found this set at Creative Butterfly XOX Inc.

wedding photo probs

These are fun photo booth props from The Manic Moose.

These signs will definitely add a fun vibe to the wedding party!  I found them at  Mister Mustache shop.

These blank chalkboards from Chalk Style are so versatile. We can write any messages we want. 

Holiday Series: The Art of Gift Wrapping Part 2: Stamping

Monday, October 22, 2012

Re-post from my tumblr blog:
I hope you enjoy the previous post of holiday series about gift wrapping. Since, I am still obsessed with gift wrapping,today I have more gift wrapping ideas to share with everyone. Does anyone love stamping? One thing that I love about stamping that we can create patterned surface.  Many of you might have seen using stamp to create pattern for gift wrapping paper. Stamped gift wrap paper is an inexpensive but creative way for DIY gift wrapping. It is such a fun way to personalized a gift.
There are several alternatives ways to make the stamps. Let’s take a look.
1. Using rubber stamps to create patterned gift wrap paper. (Bicycle stamp from Brown Pigeon)
celery stamp gift wrapping
2. Using celery as a stamping tool (celery stamped gift wrap paper at Creatures Comforts)
3. Potato stamp gift wrap paper at Henry Happened.
4. This is a cool idea that I found at Paper Plate and Plane ! Take a closer look and you will see that this gift wrap paper were created by using date stamp. 
Are you ready to be creative? There are many more possibilities on how to create stamps…I’m sure. Let’s experiment on other materials! 
Happy stamping!!!

Holiday Series: The Art of Gift Wrapping Part 1 - Kraft Paper

Re-post from my tumblr blog:
This post is part of the holiday series of posts to prepare and count down towards the holiday. This is the 2nd post that I am writing about gift wrapping art. The art of gift wrapping can be be both pretty and also eco-freindly as I introduced you to the pretty eco-friendly gift wrap paper in the las post.
How about being frugal and earth-friendly at the same time sounded to you?
For this post,  I would like to share more awesome earth-friendly gift wrapping ideas that I have stumbled upon. Does any love kraft paper? Personally, I love the earthy feel of kraft paper. Kraft paper is so versatile and inexpensive. You can even re-use the kraft paper bag from grocery stores. Take a look at these pretty gift wrapping ideas below and trust me that you will be in the mood for wrapping gifts like I did. ( The problem is I still have not bought any gifts yet. … :p)
Gift wrapping art using kraft paper by Justina Blakeney.
the art of gift wrapping
Gift wrapping art from Photo Problem.
Frugal Gift wrapping art using trader's joe kraft paper bag
Re-using Trader Joe’s kraft paper bag for gift wrapping by Leslie at Creative Mint.
Happy wrapping :) 

    holiday Series : Eco Friendly Gift Wrap Paper

    Re-post from my tumblr blog:

    At first, I thought it might be logical to find the gifts before finding the paper to wrap them. However, I usually forget to prepare ways to wrap or to present those gifts. It was stressful to run around the house or drive to the nearest store to find gift wrap papers. Then I usually ended up with the gifts wrapped in the paper that I didn't really like.
    Gift wrapping can be essential in spicing up the festive vibe of the party. Gift giving season is coming in the next few months so I think it is time to stock up some gift wrap paper.  It is a fantastic feeling when seeing someone getting excited just to unwrap the gift, don't you think?
    I will post more about the art of gift wrapping. Now I would like to start with something basic -- gift wrap paper.
    How about eco friendly paper?  I just recalled that I have blogged about a shop selling 100% post consumer recycled pattern paper for gift wrapping long time ago.  Take a look and you will love their patterns as I do.
    Reblogged from designmuse:
    Eco Recycled Gift Wrap from Smock
    Smock print shop provides wide selections of eco friendly papergoods. The gorgeous gift wrap paper is only part of what are available in this shop. I love the art of gift wrapping so the beautiful gift wrap paper from Smock print shop caught my attention. Double-sided gift wrap paper from smock is printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper. For more gorgeous eco friendly papergoods, visit Smock print shop.

    Savoy Gift Wrap
    Tissot Gift Wrap
    Reindeer Gift Wrap
    Smock Recycled Gift Wrap
    Smock Gift Wrap

    Holiday Series: Counting Down Towards Christmas

    Anyone love December? It is less two months til December.  
    Since holiday season is coming in the next couple of months so I think it will be fun to start a series of blog posts about preparing for the holiday season. Personally I have gathered lots of ideas about festivity and traveling during the holiday season so I think it will be fun to share the ideas to you guys. The last quarter of the year is usually the time when I start counting down towards the month of December. It is such a happy month filled with family and friends moment and traveling excitement. I have loads of ideas on selecting gifts , planning parties, festive decorations, festive food and places to go.
    Let’s count down toward the holiday together!
    Holiday and Special Occasion Cakelets

    Restaurant Review: Ootoya Home Cooking Japanese Restaurant

    Thursday, October 18, 2012

    Food Journey Header

    This is my favourite Japanese restaurant when it comes to Japanese rice dish. At Ottoya, they use high quality meat which really make the different. They are really great at making tasty  home cook style meal.

    Pork Shabu Salad

    Pork Shabu Salad with Nengi Sauce - love the sauce and the pork!!!
    สลัดหมูชาบูกับเนงิซอส - ซอสอร่อยมาก ไม่เลี่ยนเลย เนื้อหมูก็นุ่มสุดๆ

    Chicken Katsu with Demi Glaze Sauce

    ชิคเกนคัตซึ กับซอสเดมิเกลซ
    Chicken Katsu with Demi-Glaze Sauce

    Kimchi Pork Fried Rice

    Kimchi Pork on Rice

    Fresh Tofu

    Fresh Tofu with Brown Sugar Syrup

    My personal favorite is the dessert which is the fresh tofu with brown sugar syrup. The texture of the tofu goes really well with the syrup.

    เต้าหู้สดราดนำ้เชื่อม - เป็นของหวานจานโปรดเลยค่ะ เต้าหู้กับนำ้เชื่อมเข้ากันมากๆ ไม่หวานเกินไป

    INFO :

    Restaurant: Ootoya Japanese Restaurant
    Cuisine: Japanese Home Cooking restaurant
    Location: Bangkok, Thailand

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