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At first, I thought it might be logical to find the gifts before finding the paper to wrap them. However, I usually forget to prepare ways to wrap or to present those gifts. It was stressful to run around the house or drive to the nearest store to find gift wrap papers. Then I usually ended up with the gifts wrapped in the paper that I didn't really like.
Gift wrapping can be essential in spicing up the festive vibe of the party. Gift giving season is coming in the next few months so I think it is time to stock up some gift wrap paper.  It is a fantastic feeling when seeing someone getting excited just to unwrap the gift, don't you think?
I will post more about the art of gift wrapping. Now I would like to start with something basic -- gift wrap paper.
How about eco friendly paper?  I just recalled that I have blogged about a shop selling 100% post consumer recycled pattern paper for gift wrapping long time ago.  Take a look and you will love their patterns as I do.
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Eco Recycled Gift Wrap from Smock
Smock print shop provides wide selections of eco friendly papergoods. The gorgeous gift wrap paper is only part of what are available in this shop. I love the art of gift wrapping so the beautiful gift wrap paper from Smock print shop caught my attention. Double-sided gift wrap paper from smock is printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper. For more gorgeous eco friendly papergoods, visit Smock print shop.

Savoy Gift Wrap
Tissot Gift Wrap
Reindeer Gift Wrap
Smock Recycled Gift Wrap
Smock Gift Wrap

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