Holiday Series: The Art of Gift Wrapping Part 1 - Kraft Paper

Re-post from my tumblr blog:
This post is part of the holiday series of posts to prepare and count down towards the holiday. This is the 2nd post that I am writing about gift wrapping art. The art of gift wrapping can be be both pretty and also eco-freindly as I introduced you to the pretty eco-friendly gift wrap paper in the las post.
How about being frugal and earth-friendly at the same time sounded to you?
For this post,  I would like to share more awesome earth-friendly gift wrapping ideas that I have stumbled upon. Does any love kraft paper? Personally, I love the earthy feel of kraft paper. Kraft paper is so versatile and inexpensive. You can even re-use the kraft paper bag from grocery stores. Take a look at these pretty gift wrapping ideas below and trust me that you will be in the mood for wrapping gifts like I did. ( The problem is I still have not bought any gifts yet. … :p)
Gift wrapping art using kraft paper by Justina Blakeney.
the art of gift wrapping
Gift wrapping art from Photo Problem.
Frugal Gift wrapping art using trader's joe kraft paper bag
Re-using Trader Joe’s kraft paper bag for gift wrapping by Leslie at Creative Mint.
Happy wrapping :) 


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