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French toast has been one of my  favorite breakfasts because it is easy and delicious. I often make french toast for my son as well.  I am searching for more variety of french toast so my son we be exciting and eat the whole toast.

White Chocolate & Raspberry Brioche French Toast

I found this recipe!!! … White Chocolate & Raspberry Brioche French Toast by Steph from Rasberri Cupcakes. This French toast looks so yummy! I  hope there are some shops in my city that sell brioche.

Baked banana french toast by Bakerella looks absolutely delish! This will be lovely for my house guests. This will be a great opportunity to use my cute gratin dishes that I bought long time ago.

Cinnamon french toast is quite a classic way to make French toast. This recipe by Smitten Kitchen grilled the toast in the oven instead of pan.

This is doughnut french toast by Nigella. I think it is a great variety of french toast. But I think this is too sweet for my little son.

This is a healthy french toast from Delish. I think it will be nice to have healthy french toast once in a while instead of rich and creamy french toast.

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