Yarn Bombing Day 2012: Butterflies in the Park

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Re-post from my Tumblr Blog:

Yarn Bombing Day 2012

First time that I heard about yarn bombing is when I read my favorite crochet blog called "One Sheepish Girl" by Meredith.  I was so curious when I first heard about this term. Therefore, I did a little digging at Meredith's blog to find out more about yarn bombing. Yarn bombing is when you create something from yarn and attach or display it at public places.  It is such a fun and exciting activity. It is not surprising that there is actually a Yarn Bombing Day which is 29th of September.
I actually did my first yarn bombing on the last Saturday which was yarn bombing day of this year. I decided to do yarn bombing this year after reading Meredith's blog post inviting her readers to do the yarn bombing and post the picture on instagram tagging #sheepishyarnbomb.
The fun part was when I tried to come up with something creative to display at in public places. It took me a while to come up with some ideas. Then I saw my tutorial for crochet butterflies earrings and I knew...this was the one. Finally, I decided to adapt my crochet butterflies earring to be butterflies in the park. The exciting part was when I tied my crochet butterflies to the tree  in the park near my apartment. It took me a while to find the right tree for my crochet butterflies.
Today I was thrill to see my yarn bombing picture appears on Meredith group post in One Sheepish Girl. This actually made my day!

Yarn Bombing Day 2012

Yarn Bombing Day 2012

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