Floretta Shop at Nimman Art Prominade 2012 (Day 1)

Many of you might already know that I have my etsy shop selling clothing and jewelry called Floretta. This week I have an opportunity to participate in Nimman Art Promenade which is and event that held in Chiangmai (my hometown) every December. This this second year for my shop to be here.

I had already set up some part of my shop on the day before so I dini't have a lot of setting up to do on the the first day of this event. I was so exciting when the first customer stop buy. ( I have not been in the scene of selling at a physical store for a while. )

 I was so exhausted but it was such a fun experience. There were so many people visiting this event yesterday.  I was so busy selling at my shop so I still have not really explore the other shops yet. My friends told me that there are so many cute and stylish handmade products  that  I would definitely buy... We'll see :)

Floretta Shop at Nimman Art Prominade 2012 (first day)

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