8 Blogs that Rock and Why

I am currently doing online class and workshop at Decor8. This week exercise is super fun because I got to visit many blogs and choose 8 blogs that I think rock! Let's take a look at what I chose.

1. A Beautiful mess

I believe that many of you have visited and revisited "A Beautiful Mess Blog". This was the first blog that I was seriously following because I love all of their content. Their photos are awesome because they are beautiful filled with stories. A Beautiful Mess's contents are fun to read and useful. The authors are excellent in engaging with audience. All DIYs on this blog are interesting and very creative.

Their blog posts are well-categorized so it is quite easy for readers to navigate.

2. Wendy's Lookbook

This is my favorite fashion blog. This blog not only has awesome pictures but also the blog's contents are very useful. This blog is filled with tips and tricks of how to achieve different looks by mixing and matching your clothes. This blogs contents will make you coming back for more.

The photo template that Wendy uses on her blog post is very clever because each post show the recap of all pictures of each post in collage form. Thus, if the readers want to see those picture in bigger size, the readers have to click the "more" link in order to read the full post.

This blog also has lots of Vlog or video logs posted on Youtube and they are so fun to watch especially if you are a fashionista. Most of the videos are about tips and tricks.

3. Kitty & Buck
All the web graphics are well coordinated in the same theme. In each post, she usually place a category banner/header coordinated with the theme which help readers to quickly identify the category of that post. Those graphics were all created by Kitty herself. Those coordinated web graphics make the blog looks professional.  

Kitty also has done a great job in presenting all her sponsors in the form of blog post. She put a lot of effort in designing the graphics for each sponsor post.

4. One Sheepish Girl

This blog is mainly about knitting and crocheting. This is a great example blog that focus on one theme and incorporate with the author's personal life.  Consequently, the blog not only  portrays professional vibe but also  feel real.

5. Kyla is Inspired

"Kyla is  inspired" is one of the blogs that I love their over all aesthetics. Kyla's blog posts are beautiful and fun to read. The readers can easily tell that Kyla pays a lot of attention to details by  professionally adorn all her photos and her collage with her own graphic design elements.

6. Iowa Girl Eats

The photo and the recipes are awesome. The recipes found on this blogs are very creative. The pictures of food on this blog make me hungry every time I visit this blog. This is one of my favorite food blogs. The layout of this blog is very functional so it is easy for readers to navigate. The readers can easily find the recipes by category.

7. Dressed by Style

I love the way the author arranged all the pictures for each blog post. All photo arrangements used in each post definitely go very well with the overall aesthetics of the blog which is very important for a design blog. 

 8. Adri 's World

The minimalist design of the blog make the picture of each post beautifully stand out. It is a great way to draw attention to the posts. I also love all the magazine style pictures on each post which create professional look. On the other hand, the family pictures make the blog feel real and heart warming.

wow!  This exercise definitely makes me want to blog more often. So, see you soon.


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  1. Wow! Thanks for featuring me amongst such wonderful company Praew :)