Cooking Journey: Green Monster Smoothie for Kids

Green Monster Smoothie สมูตตี้สปิแนช สูตรเข้มข้น เปี่ยมด้วยคุณค่า เครื่องดื่มสำหรับเด็กและทุกคนในครอบครัว

Now, in Thailand, the whether is becoming warmer and warmer everyday. This month is the transition from winter to summer for Thailand. Thus, I think it is time to start my smoothie routine. So, this morning I thought I should try a smoothie recipe that I had been wanting to tried for so many months. This smoothie recipe is called "green monster smoothie" which I first saw at Iowa Girl Eats.  Kristin from Iowa Girl Eats had drunk this smoothie  as her lunch when she was on diet after her vacation. I was impressed when she wrote that Green monster smoothie does not taste healthy at all even though the ingredients are very healthy.

Let's take a look at what are inside the green monster smoothie.

Ingredients : Green Monster Smoothie

Key Ingredients of Green Monster Smoothie 

  • Spinach - Fresh spinach is highly recommended.
  • Milk - any kind of milk
  • Banana - any kind of banana
  • Nutty butter - Peanut butter is the most commonly chosen butter for green monster smoothie.
  • Yogurt (plain or vanilla flavor)

Ingredients for Green Monster Smoothie at Praew Channel

  • Spinach 4 cup
  • Soy milk 250 ml. (low fat and low sugar)
  • Banana 1/2 cup
  • Sunflower butter 1 - 2 teaspoon
  • Greek yogurt 100 gram

Yield : 2 servings


Let's get to know a little bit about the type of banana I use for my green monster smoothie. I just use bananas that I already have in my kitchen which is Kluai Leb Mu Nang. In Thailand, Kluai Leb Mu Nang is what we call a type of banana that has lady finger liked shape. Kluai Leb Mu Nang actually can be translated as lady finger banana.  Lady finger banana is not too sweet and quite small which is a good bite size for my son. He is  2 years old and he loves to eat by himself so the size of lady finger banana is perfect for him. He can easily hold a lady finger banana in his little hand and eat it by himself.  Lady finger banana is a seasonal fruit in Thailand unlike other kinds of banana that can be found all year round. So, I normally can not wait to buy lady finger banana when its season begins.

Sunflower Butter

I saw this sunflower butter on the sandwich spread shelf at my local supermarket. I decided to try is because Sunflower seed is rich in nutritions and antioxidants. Do you know that sunflower seeds have 3 times more vitamin E that peanuts?

Green Monster Smoothie

 Green Monster Smoothie

Green Monster Smoothie : Nutrition rich smoothie for kids

I often make fruits and veggie smoothies for my son because I think it is a quick and easy way to get my son to eat all the nutrition that he needs.  I can say that making this green monster smoothie for my family this morning was a success. Everyone loves it. It is an easy smoothie that rich in nutritious and taste awesome.  This smoothie will definite become my family's drink.    If anyone has a problem of getting your kids to eat vegetables, you definitely have to try this smoothie. I think it is a great breakfast idea as well. What a perfect drink to start your day with! 

You can change to different kinds of vegetable or try different kinds of milk and yogurt to suit you nutrition need. For example, my husband would like to try adding protein power to this smoothie.

Remark: The important thing to remember is to carefully choose the milk and yogurt that is low in fat and sugar.

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