Japanese Food Journey: Nirai Kanai Restaurant in Bangkok

Nirai Kanai Restaurant


As some of you might know that I am living in Chiangmai, Thailand so I mostly blog about restaurants in Chiangmai. This time I would like to take you to visit Japanese restaurant in Bangkok called Nirai Kanai that I went with my friends last month. This Japanese restaurant is known to be very authentic Okinawa style.  One of my friends recommended this restaurant when we were choosing restaurant for our mini reunion dinner. I quickly agreed with this suggestion because I love Japanese food. I did a quick search on some information about the restaurant. The information that I found on the internet made me want to go to Nirai Kanai even sooner because I found that this restaurant was one of the branches of  very famous Okinawa style restaurant in Tokyo. There 12 branches of Niarai Kanai restaurant in Tokyo and have been open more than 12 years.

I was very excited when the reunion day came mainly because I could not wait to try the food there. And I was not disappointed. Nirai Kanai was a great place for our mini reunion because this restaurant is very cozy with a touch of Okinawa.  Actually, I do not  know how exactly Okinawa style is .  Well,  the restaurant's  ambience was relax and made me  feel like being in local Japanese bar. 

Nirai Kanai Restaurant

Nirai Kanai Restaurant

We had  so much fun talking and eating...eating...and eating. I was also impressed by many fantastic dishes offered at Nirai Kanai that are different from normal Japanese restaurants. Let's take a look at how yummy the food looks!

Restaurant Review Nirai Kanai Restaurant in Bangkok Thailand

This sashimi did taste great...hm...I do not actually remember the name of the fish.

Nirai Kanai Restaurant

Grilled bacon

Nirai Kanai Restaurant


Nirai Kanai Restaurant

Beef Tataki

Nirai Kanai Restaurant

This sushi dish is my most favourite of the night. The taste of the shushi rice was awesome! Sorry, I can not remember the name of this dish.

Nirai Kanai Restaurant

Deep - fried pork and cheese spring roll...Yum!

Nirai Kanai Restaurant

Tuna Tataki

Nirai Kanai Restaurant

Spicy rice salad

We had  so much fun talking and eating...eating...and eating. The outstanding characteristic of the food here was the homey taste. The food was so yummy so we even forgot to take pictures of some of the dishes. Actually, there were much more food than the pictures above... After writing this post, I start to crave for some delicious Japanese food. I think I have to go out for some Japanese food tomorrow :)


RESTAURANT: Nirai Kanai  

Cuisine:  Japanese ( Okinawa Style )

Price: 300 - 500 baht / person


17:00 - 24:00 ( last ordert at 23.00 )

Open Monday - Sunday

Nihonmachi (ground floor)
Sukhumvit 26 Road
Klong Toie


Telephone: 02-258-2821


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