Style Me : Blue Jean Polka Dot Dress

Friday, October 11, 2013


This is a quick post of pictures of my sister that I quickly snapped before she went to work. My sister, ploen has now become a language teacher at Chiang Mai University. (She teaches several languages so I can't really say she is an English or French or ... teacher. )  

When I saw her dress, I quickly grabbed my camera and start shooting photo. I told my sister that this outfit was too cute for a teacher. My sister replies that she would like to create friendly and fun atmosphere her class by wearing this cute dress! ;p

Style Me : Blue Polka Dots Dress

Blue Jean White Polka Dot Dress from local flea market

Style Me : Blue Polka Dots Dress

Style Me : Blue Polka Dots Dress

Beaded necklace from Forever 21 / Sunglasses from Sunglasses

Style Me : Blue Polka Dots Dress

My sister's favourite Issey Miyake  Bao Bao Flower Bag

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