Food Journey : Sunday Brunch at Red Oven Restaurant, Sofitel So Hotel, Bangkok

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I have been really busy and  away from the blog world for quite a while. Even though I have not blogged for several months, I still have my notes and photos that I took during the past couple of months. After months of hardworking on my day job, I finally got time to blog so why not start with a little journey of yumminess at Red Oven restaurant of Sofitel So Hotel, Bangkok. This restaurant is my most favourite brunch buffet in Bangkok.

Sofitel So is a new hotel which just opened in Bangkok last year. Before my first visit, I had read about the hotel's unique design from many magazines both online and offline. It was a buzz around town when this hotel first open because this 5-star hotel was designed by world famous couturier and design legend Mr. Christian Lacroix with the concept of the combination of Water Earth Wood Metal and Fire.

Red Oven Restaurant, Bangkok

The first time that I came to this restaurant I was so impressed with the ambience and how the food is displayed. This restaurant is called "Red Oven" so the theme of the food displayed is the red kitchen with many cute big and small red cast iron pots. I felt like I was walking in a market of gourmet food. The first time I dined here was when I celebrated my birthday with my family. It was a great place to have a cozy party. We loved the ambience and the food so we always talk about dinning here again. Therefore, this time that I came to town my husband took me to this amazing place again for brunch. 

Red Oven Restaurant, Bangkok

A cute station of yummy desserts

Red Oven Restaurant, Bangkok

After uploading this photo to instagram, I just noticed that the ceiling lamps are so cool...using fork, spoon, and knife to decorate the lamps!

Red Oven Restaurant at Sofitel So, Bangokok

Fresh oysters, steamed shrimp and cured salmon

Red Oven Restaurant at Sofitel So  , Bangkok

Red Oven Restaurant at Sofitel So, Bangkok

Fresh oysters and steamed crab

Red Oven Restaurant

Egg benedict, mashed carrots, mini spinach quiche and pepper shot

Red Oven Restaurant

Red Oven Restaurant, Bangkok

Pan seared duck foie gras with sautéed apple

Red Oven Restaurant, Sofitel So, Bangkok

 These are some cheese with dried fruits and jam. The cheese corner was super fun. I took a little bit of everything to try. The I kept going back for more and more cheese!!!!!  It was too bad that I did not take any photos of the cheese corner. I promise that next time to will snap some photos to show you how awesome the cheese corner looks. 

Red Oven Restaurant, Sofitel So, Bangkok

A little bit of yumminess from delicatessen station : Smoke duck and parma ham

Red Oven Restaurant at Sofitel So, Bangkok

The sushi station is also my favourite. This station offers both sushi and sashimi. The sashimi shown in the picture above is Hamachi or Yellow tail fish which is one of my most favourite sashimi.  I rarely find Hamachi sashimi offered at any all you can eat buffet in Thailand. So, I was really happy when I realized that I could eat Hamachi sashimi and sushi as much as I want. Hooray...! 

Red Oven Restaurant, Bangkok

After super long parade of food, I still had a little space in my stomach to finish that meal with little desserts and rose tea. Actually, there were so many variety of dessert. to choose from including cake, tarts, pies and ice-cream but I was to full to try them all.

Red Oven Restaurant, Bangkok

Besides Red Oven's delicious gourmet food and dessert, details of little things used at the restaurant are very stylish which give the restaurant a unique touch. For example, this rose tea was served with the sugar stick instead of a regular sugar jar.

Tip : Tea was included to the buffet price. I chose to have rose tea which was not a disappointment.

Theses are just some  examples of what I have tried during this Sunday Brunch with my hubby. There are 9 live cooking stations for the guests to enjoy. I have not tried all of them even though I wanted to..hehe :)  I will definitely take more photos of the food stations next time...I promise.



Cuisine:  International cuisine

Price: 1000 - 2500 baht / person

All day dining hours : Monday - Sunday

6:00 AM - 10:00 PM 

Weekend wine brunch : Saturday - Sunday (Gourmet brunch with free flow wine)
11:30 AM - 3:00 PM




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