I am Praew. I love cooking, eating, crafting and traveling. Now I have to add playing with my son to the list.
I am from a city in Thailand called Chiangmai which is  well-known for handmade products. My handmade journey started from crochet and knitting. I also have developed a crush on surface printing as well. Later, I also began to make stationery and make my own clothes. These activities used to be my hobbies for the weekends. I am now a full-time mom. I have to start working from home in order to stay home taking care of my son.  Therefore, these hobbies has become my job and I love them.

Follow my passion in surface printing, I have my own online store named Titolio Studio selling iphone cases and ipad cases. It has been so much fun having my own business that allows me to use my creativity as my caereer.

Let's take a journey with me. Praew Channel is my colorful journey of creations and inspirations.

This is my little sister, Ploenetta. She has been my model for most of my products. So, you will see her a lot on my online store Floretta and also my blog. She will be joining me in "Style Me".

What are the fun stuffs that you will find on Praew Channel?
  • Food Journey
  • Baby Food Journey
  • Dessert Journey
  • Pretty Places
  • Restaurant Review
  • DIY Love
  • Style me
  • My List
Contact me via
email: florettashop(at)gmail(dot)com
Instagram: Praewnapa, FlorettaStory
I'd love to hear from you.

My Store

www.titoliobrand.com : My handmade cases for iphone4, iphone 5 ipad and Samsung S3
www.floretta.etsy.com : Whimsy clothing and accessories.


  1. It's so great to find you through BYW as I'm going to Thailand in a few months. I'm in Vietnam at the moment and I'm so looking forward to reading travel stories about Thailand from a local :-) Good luck with your blog! Looks amazing!

    x Claudia (www.DesignClaud.nl)

  2. Thanks, Claudia. I am living in Chiangmai, Thailand. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions about Chiangmai or other places in Thailand. May be we can meet. It must be fun! Don't you think?
    Your blog is fun too! Happy traveling!